Types of construction sets for kids

The children’s construction set is a fascinating and very useful toy for the kid. It develops fine motor skills, perseverance, attention, memory, imaginative thinking. All this helps in the further formation of social-emotional skills. Building kit are interesting for children of different ages, but choosing the right option, taking into account the large offer on the market, is a very difficult task for parents.

The variety of children’s construction sets can be divided into types based on the materials and age starting from which the constructor set can be used by a child:

  • Soft fabric. These products consist of large parts without sharp edges. The material is textiles, and a synthetic winterizer or other soft synthetic material is used as a filler. From such a constructor, you can build simple structures. It is often used in kindergartens and playrooms.
  • Wooden. The details are building blocks, cones, arches and various other wooden elements. Oak, birch or pine is used as a manufacturing material. The prices of such products justify their quality. Such a construction set can be either not painted at all or painted with safe paints. Wooden parts are safe for kids, they are large and suitable for children from 2 years of age to play.
  • Metal. They consist of many small parts: plates, jumpers, nuts, keys, bolts. Assembling the finished structure is not easy, but the final result will definitely impress the kid. Metal parts have a long shelf life. Such construction sets will be of interest to children from 7 years old.
  • Ceramic. Ceramic products are considered the most environmentally friendly. Constructors are produced in the form of various building kits and are sometimes supplemented with parts from other materials.
  • Plastic. This is the most popular construction set material. The elements are made of safe durable plastic. The well-known construction set brand Lego uses plastic for all of its products. Depending on the size of constructor parts, such sets can be suitable for kids starting from the age of 3 years.

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