Useful tips for choosing a construction set toy for kids

1. In construction sets for children under 4 years of age, it is desirable that the corners of the parts are smoothed; otherwise the baby may get hurt. Wooden products must be perfectly sanded.

2. All construction sets must have a certificate of quality, which bona fide sellers will always show at the request of the buyer.

3. An unpleasant smell from the construction set indicates poor-quality material. This is especially true for plastic and fabric sets.

4. Elements of the constructor should be easily and at the same time firmly connected to each other.

5. Age restrictions on the packaging of the product should not be taken literally, because each child develops in their own way.

6. The number of parts and their size determine the complexity of the assembly. It is necessary to asses the capabilities of the child when choosing the toy.

7. The character of the baby is also important. A fidget child will not really like painstaking work on a complex construction set, and vice versa, products “to grow into” (older than the kid’s age within reasonable limits) are suitable for an assiduous toddler.

8. Usually, boys prefer to collect models of aircrafts, cars, transformers, robots. They also like to construct military fortresses, racing tracks, fire stations. And girls prefer models with people, animals, princesses, gnomes and other characters from fairy tales. Make sure to take into account your child’s preferences before buying a construction set.

9. An additional advantage will be the compatibility of the construction set with the products already available to the child. This will allow him or her to create new compositions.

10. It’s not worth saving on buying a construction set. You can endanger your child if you purchase a toy made from unsafe materials made without respect of quality regulations.

11. After the purchase, it is better not to give the gift to the child immediately, but to check the availability of all the details and the serviceability of the fasteners. In case of discrepancy, the construction set can be returned or exchanged in the store.

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